Integrated Payroll for Joint Employment (JE)

Flexible payroll provision sanctioned by Professional Passport

Product Overview

Jones Howard operates a fully compliant Joint Employment (JE) payroll model audited and approved by Professional Passport. Joint Employment is an increasingly popular arrangement whereby two (or more) entities in the assignment supply chain share employment responsibilities on behalf of the worker. Typically, the two entities are the recruitment agency and the payroll intermediary such as Jones Howard.

Jones Howard's model conforms to the specific regulations governing Joint Employment arrangements to ensure that all calculations, transactions and payments are both accurate and transparent. 

In addition to our Professional Passport accreditation, Joint Employment arrangements comply with employment regulations and HMRC guidelines.

Joint Employment offers numerous benefits to the contingent worker supply chain, and Jones Howard's model ensures total compliance with no risk to any entities.

For more information about this exciting payroll option and how it can help your agency or business, please get in touch for an initial consultation.

Agency Benefits

  • Fully compliant JE payroll model
  • Transparent PAYE calculations & payslips
  • Approved by Professional Passport
  • Unique HMRC logins to prove payments
  • Agency-specific PAYE reference numbers
  • VAT exemptions on actual payroll costs
  • Perfect model for non-VAT registered clients
  • Helps Charities & Third Sector businesses
  • Cost savings compared to internal payroll
  • Full employment status & rights

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