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Supporting the construction, rail & engineering staffing supply chain

Construction & Rail - Sector Overview

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is specifically designed to provide workers operating in the sector with a compliant payroll mechanism whereby tax contributions are deducted at source prior to receiving their net pay. The scheme has numerous advantages not least ensuring that a worker's tax affairs are managed on a continuous basis thus avoiding large liabilities at the end of any given tax year.

Unlike many other providers, Jones Howard's CIS provision is a stand-alone function solely focussed on delivering a dedicated payroll service that is fully integrated with every aspect of the scheme. Both our business development and back-office teams have extensive experience of explaining and implementing the scheme to benefit all those entities within the relevant CIS supply chain.


Jones Howard covers all CIS sectors including construction, rail and engineering, plus a myriad of occupations carried out by sub-contractors operating in the building and maintenance industry. All of our processes and procedures are fully compliant with all facets of the scheme, including transparent gross to net calculations and demonstrable submissions to HMRC.

For more information, please contact our CIS specialist:

Mike Halliwell
Business Development Manager
07774 027 557
[email protected]


Agency Benefits

  • 1. Fully compliant UK-based payroll company
  • 2. CIS, Umbrella, PAYE & Joint Employment options
  • 3. Construction, rail & engineering industry experience
  • 4. Transparent margin structures & calculations
  • 5. Demonstrable HMRC submissions & reporting
  • 6. Daily payroll runs & weekend payments
  • 7. Mutually beneficial commercial arrangements
  • 8. Insurance cover & Director-backed guarantees
  • 9. ‘Life Works' contractor benefits package
  • 10. Account manager with sector experience

Product Features

  • 1. Industry-recognised CIS payroll provision
  • 2. Sole-traders, partnerships & limited companies
  • 3. Acknowledged by agencies, clients & hirers
  • 4. Compliant with HMRC & employment legislation
  • 5. Monthly returns & full CIS records
  • 6. No risk of late filing, penalties or fines
  • 7. Serving construction, rail & engineering sectors
  • 8. Instant CIS online registration process
  • 9. SDC (Supervision, Direction & Control) support
  • 10. Specialist back-office customer care team

Contractor Benefits

  • 1. Choice of fully compliant payroll options
  • 2. CIS, Umbrella & Joint Employment
  • 3. Transparent pay calculations & payslips
  • 4. Tax contributions paid at source
  • 5. Competitive margins with no hidden fees
  • 6. Guaranteed weekly (or monthly) payments
  • 7. Wage advances available upon request
  • 8. ‘Life Works' employee rewards package
  • 9. Contractor & agency referral scheme
  • 10. Legitimate advice & back-office support

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